The consequences of having an opinion

Every person who tends to have a strong opinion someday faces a certain amount of opposition from those, who have a slightly (or sometimes more predominantly) different point of view. As concerns the writers, who express their mind in written, and, therefore, even more “malicious” form, those people have the reputation to attract unlike-minded people all the time. While it is always good to hear a healthy criticism to sharpen your intellect, and face somebody else’s wit, sometimes comments and contra-arguments can appear more than depressing.

Why does it happen?

In all my sincerity, I do not think it requires any particular explanation. It is clear that people are different, and all of us have the right to stick to particular believes, and values. With the rapidly growing world, and such a variety of liberal movements, it becomes increasingly difficult to please everyone, and there will always be a couple, or… sometimes thousand of voices ruining your judgement. Besides, people are too much prone to misinterpretation, and they will frequently put in your mouth words that you have never meant to say.

What follows…DSCF0968

For a young writer, or for any person, who is sensitive and empathetic enough it is always painful to see any signs of disagreement. And, even now, while I am writing it, I know that many of you would think, “Oh no, I do enjoy a healthy argument!”. For this reason, and because it is easy for me to calculate any further statements that could be made in reference to the above said, I will confirm that I also enjoy it. However, what I am talking about is the situation, when the opposition becomes quite aggressive, and/or ignorant enough to remind absurd. I am sure many of you have seen it.

Growing a thick skin

So, how shall an author act in an instance of unhealthy, or too aggressive criticism, be it a dozen of swear words on Youtube, or one angry comment on WordPress? Here I am appealing to the brightest minds of the online world. Shall one try to reconsider his point? Shall he erase it from his mind, and the server? Shall he defend his ideas, replying to every single feedback? Nonsense, you would say…. And, what if this anonymous commenter is somebody influential?

Anything that can act against you

Unfortunately , any opinion comes with the price. You can be neglected, hated, prosecuted, or… sometimes just not considered for a job. Let’s say you are a journalist, who is trying to make his bread in a local newspaper. What if your point of view is contradicting those, which you are imposed to express. What shall you chose? Stability, or freedom of speech? Imagine, you are just looking for a job. Shall you remove, hide and burn all your articles that could be controversial, not to spoil the first impression in the eyes of the future employer? How about if you are writing an academic paper, and your opponent has an absolutely different point of view? Will you change your focus to please him? Marks, sponsorship, career, reputation.. Just think of it… So, what were you believing in?

But, enough for today. I will leave this post an open place for discussion… and let’s hear what YOU have to say.

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