Massage Your Ego in London

Those of you, who know the value of a good massage most certainly have their favourite salon, or practitioner. However, if you don’t, London with its large variety of choice might make things a little bit confusing.

Where to go for your first treatment?

Which places it is better to avoid?

As a great massage fan, I’ve been to a certain number of places. Some of them were simply amazing, and some left me even more stressed than I was before. Nevertheless, be it a good experience or bad, I was inspired to write a couple of articles. Here is a small recap of London beauty clinics that I was writing about for the past months.


Kalma Spa, West Hampstead

Honestly, when I saw the place and the interior, I was impressed. Despite the relatively small size, it was really tidy and well refurbished in terms of style and the atmosphere. It had aroma candles and exotic flowers standing in the corners, and a nice relaxing music was playing in the room where I was invited to… Read more

The Happiness Centre, Shepherd’s Bush Market

After a not so very positive experience at Kalma Spa I thought I would very unlikely to go for another massage in the near future. Nevertheless, the very same Groupon web-site offered me a new deal, which was too tempting to miss it. This time it was 90 Minute Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage Treatment … Read more

B Beauty Clinic, Edgware

For the first time in my massaging experience I felt a strong pain, when she was pressing her fingers against my skin. Either it was a different type of massage (that actually wasn’t specified in the deal that I bought), either she was putting more force than other therapists, or just knew some specific spots to press… Read more

Dr. Wakde’s Clinic, Ravenscourt Park

After trying traditional, deep tissue and aroma massages, I finally decided to go for something slightly different.  Just to add some new experience to my “small electronic notebook”. For some reason, not clearly stated even to myself, I always had a particular liking in ayrvedic medicine, probably, because of its famous non-surgical approach. I am … Read more

Greenwich Clippers, Cutty Sark

Without false advertising I would like to use this opportunity to point out that this place gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced in my short but eventful life. Chasing the fresh deal on Groupon and yearning for the relief of tension given me by tango lessons I purchased this wonderful voucher, … Read more

B&K, Edgware Road

My quest for a massage continues after a short break. Since I have already experienced most of the classical types, I have decided to transfer myself from the category of Newbie Amateurs to the Connoisseurs. And, voila, my dear friends, Groupon has reacted promptly by sending me a wonderfully looking deal for a Hot Stone … Read more

Ginger Group, Covent Garden

Those of you who are searching for a good massage in the City would be curious to try the Ginger Group salon, located in Covent Garden. It is very convenient to get there, especially if you are working near by. Just cross the corner of the loud streets and you will find yourself in a surprisingly peaceful venue, … Read more


To find out more about different massage clinics in London, keep following my blog, and don’t forget to check out the massage category from time to time.

Have a word to say? Share your thoughts about the massage treatments,  give your recommendations, or just express your opinion about the articles in the comments below.


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