Pill From Shopoholism

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5 Easy Tips How to Be Happy and Not Make Your Wallet Suffer

Once, while I was slowly wandering among the rows of latest collections of clothes, I asked myself a question: Is it possible to cure shopoholism? People are constantly being cured from alcoholism, from drug addictions, gambling and even from food addictions. Surely, there must be a way how to cure, or at least control a terrible necessity to spend hours in fashion boutiques.

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First of all, let’s acknowledge, that living in the modern world it is absolutely normal to want to shop. Constantly growing competition, and higher standards for looks, imposed on us by media, make it impossible not to want to look nice. Once we buy a new item of clothes we feel endorphins released… We feel beautiful, refreshed, happy! How is it humanly possible to refuse this wonderful feeling? However, on the other side of the medal, we are frequently left with a bunch of unnecessary things, which we never put on, and no cash for the rainy day.

I am a shopoholic myself. But, I’ve been always trying to suppress my “harmful habits”. Not that I am suffering from it really, but sometimes my pocket does… So, after thinking about it carefully I came up with a few ideas on how to control one’s terrible urge to buy stuff, and I am sharing it here with you.

1. Plan your budget

TK Max dress

In the beginning of the month, when you receive your salary, or pocket money, think of how much you can spend on shopping. First of all, determine how much you will need for your daily needs, such as travelling, going out and putting away to the money box. The rest could be spend on your ego. Sounds logical? Well, you would be surprised to know that the majority of people never does it.

2. Set up goals

Instead of wandering mindlessly among the rows of fashionable items, why not to think what you want in advance. For example, this months I need a good pair of trousers, a jacket and a purse. Keep it in your mind, and  make your way through the crowd. I know, these shoes look amazing, but you already have three pairs, and today you need a jacket.

3. Avoid sales


Everybody knows that during big sales prices drop. But few people notice how much. While massive promotional boards could offer us up to 70% discounts, in reality we get only a few less attractive items with reduced price, while the new collections hanging around are luring us with its glamour. As a result, we rarely find something that really attracts us, or end up buying better items for a full price.

4. Ask for a discount

Why? Just because you are not ready to pay more. If shops can reduce prices during sales, they can also do it any other day. If you are going for a full price, and want to buy several items, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. If a sales assistant cannot make you one, ask for a manager. Don’t be afraid. This a business of massive profits and the figures you see on the label are far from the real value.

5. Go for smaller items

серые туфлиIf by some sad misconception you realised that this month you cannot afford any bulk actions, but you still need a dose of endorphins, don’t stress out. Go to the shop and search for some smaller items, that would  cost less, but can still raise your mood and make a change in your looks. Pretty little socks, earrings, laces and belts. All these things can turn your overall style completely, and make you look brand new and shining.

P.S: I sincerely hope that you find my tips useful. Feel free to share yours, and don’t forget that a real woman looks most beautiful without any clothes on. (;


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One Response to “Pill From Shopoholism”
  1. writercat81 says:

    This is fabulous advice! I’m in desperate need of changing over my wardrobe. Love the idea of smaller items making a big difference!

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