Staying in Eastbourne: Incredible Poshness of the “Grand Hotels”

море и песок

Eastbourne BeachIn the middle of Summer some of us might start thinking about alternative routes to the seaside. Brighton, the closest sea resort to London, is already becoming a sore in the eye. How about going a few miles further and finding yourself in less crowded but still incredibly pleasant Eastbourne in East Sussex? The road there will take you approximately 1.5h from London Bridge, and will make a good contrast with a busy City.

If you have decided to stay there overnight, you would probably be looking for a nice and cosy hotel. I don’t know much about every hotel in Eastbourne, so I will just share my experience and thoughts about the place where I stayed once myself – The Grand Hotel Eastbourne.

First of all, this place looks exceptionally posh and traditionally English. If somebody wants to make a business from ghosts, they should go to The Grand Hotel Eastbourne and look at their furniture and decor. High ceilings with plaster work, massive chandeliers, big curtains, frequent elements of gold – it’s all about The Grand Hotel. So, if you have a lot of money and you want to show off – this will certainly be the best location. Just to justify myself a little bit, I didn’t choose where to stay.

High Curtains


Yellow Flowers

With all its “poshness”, if I can put it this way, the ladies’ room is a proper room with chairs, mirror tables and even jars of water and flowers.

Pink curtains

Дамская комната

Jar of water

Pink flowers in water

The hotel itself is massive, and, like most of the buildings and constructions in this city is painted white. It is surrounded by the green alley of trees and bushes, separating you from a sometimes noisy road. On the left hand side of the hotel you can see a small swimming pool, which is probably meant for those, who don’t want to use the swimming pool inside, but are still too lazy to walk a couple of meters to the sea.



Swimming Pool

There is also a very nice but small swimming pool inside, a gym, jacuzzi, and sauna. This was the most pleasant part of my stay.

The rooms, however, look more like my grandmother’s flat. May be I am too spoiled, but I am already used to high-tech type of rooms and furniture, while in this hotel you would find yourself several centuries back. It’s a pure time machine, I swear!

Twin Beds

green chairs

The food is likewise English, with a slight touch of French influence, which, however, seemed to be good quality. So, if you are a big fan of British cuisine, or just want to take a deep dive into the culture, I would recommend you to try local dishes. The best part of the meal for me was the desert. Take it to the terrace outside and enjoy a sip of coffee under the warm rays of the sun. This is your holidays, isn’t it?


Dessert and coffee

ice-cream dessert

Well, my short guide to the hotel is over, and I hope those of you who are still planning to explore Eastbourne would find it useful. I am looking forward to your feedback and possible suggestions on where to stay. As you can imagine, there are more places for me to discover.

Book your tickets via and you can get the cheapest rates, if you do it several days in advance. Once, I managed to get it for 3 pounds. Good luck!

Au revoir!


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2 Responses to “Staying in Eastbourne: Incredible Poshness of the “Grand Hotels””
  1. vilks12 says:

    Where is this, your grandmother’s flat in Riga !??? I don’t remember one like this !!! :)))

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