Japanese Walks in London

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

When the first sparkles of sunshine are kissing your skin, you start wondering around the city in search for a good portion of fresh air and positive emotions. Forget about Brighton with its pebble beach and Hyde Park with people occupying every millimetre of the green grass. Don´t miss the opportunity to discover!

If you are into Japan, love organising eating sessions on the open air, or just looking for a beautiful walk around London, take your chance on Holland Park. It has an enormously beautiful Japanese garden, that will not leave you indifferent.

Like most of the things in Eastern culture, Japanese Garden in Holland Park is all about small details and fragile almost invisible elements, that make your heart leap from pleasure. Flowery smells are dominating in the air, and the pavements, covered with small white petals, are simply meant for the romantic walks.

Japanese Garden

Spirits of the nature are somewhere around, guiding your step, whispering in your ear sweet melody of Summer… And the palette of colours would make a jewel in the collection of any decent artist.

red leaves


The pride of the Gardens is of course its picturesque fountains with massive fishes showing off their golden skin. I am not sure what is more shiny – the fish or the coins, that somebody dropped in the water. People, why do you do it? Don´t you know that fish don´t eat metal? Anyway, going there for fishing is not the best idea after all…

fish in the pond

holland park fountain

Peaceful, and at the same time extravagant, Holland park has a lot to offer, and definitely is among top 10 places one should visit this Summer. Let´s just prey weather will treat us nicer this year.

Stay tuned! (;


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2 Responses to “Japanese Walks in London”
  1. Ranori says:

    Love it! 🙂

  2. vilks12 says:

    Like this post very much ! You are, without doubts, a real poet ! 🙂

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