The L Games We Play

браслет с сердечком

From some of the conversations I have participated in recently, I have come to a conclusion that men have feelings that go deeper then that of a lady. However men as ‘hard’ as they portray themselves to be, hide and cowardly retreat away at the slightest hint of love. They find a girl that they are connected with, but due to what his ‘boys’ will say, they try to hide behind a facade of this tough rude boy and do not follow what their heart desires. I know a lad who will speak to this girl day in day, his phone will never be out of sight, but the minute the conversation comes to ‘being in a relationship’, he laughs and pretends that he is not that interested.

And of course this is not about all men, this is about some selected type of men, men who live like players, and yet when they fall..they fall head first without a crash helmet. It is these men that have been with more girls than your fingers can count, and being in a serious relationship always seemed like a joke. Then ‘the one’ comes along, and messes up his entire rude boy pattern, but because his friends are ‘rude boys’ too, he tries to stop himself, but fails miserably because when it comes to heart matters, the mind cannot say “no”.

One would look at these young gentlemen and never believe for a second that they are so afraid of love that they do not even dare to utter the word. I was casually sitting in the library, and occasionally overheard a conversation. They referred to love as..’The L Games‘. God knows what will happen if they use the word “love”, maybe a big red pumping heart will chase them down the street and grab them into a warm cuddle of love. Oooh Scary!

They walk around with their ‘swag on point’, they have the right hair, the right smile, they say the right words, but soon enough you realize that behind all this facade, is just a normal human being who wants to be loved, and wants to love back, yet due to some society pressure is unable to show this caring and loving side.

I believe that boys, who seemed to never fall in love, and never treated a lady with the respect, “fall the hardest”. My friend has a group of fellows, who are all very “anti-girlfriend” style. But this position is only visual. Inside these guys simply not sure how to act. When Miss Right comes, they don’t know how to express their emotions.

When these boys finally realize that they have fallen, it comes as such a shock that they do not always understand what to expect. Love doesn’t come with a manual, and, thus, these men are clueless on how to play the game, due to the fact they pretended for so many years that this ‘L’ word will never catch them. They will always say they will never get a girlfriend, but then the inevitable happens and when it does, they turn into different people.

They claim not to be playing in the field of the ‘L’ game, yet without even knowing they are the first ones in and they are the first to be red carded. Those boys who talk the most about how they will never ‘wifey a girl’ are the ones that end up doing exactly that.

One of my friends used to be one of those, who couldn’t get enough women. Then ‘the one’ came along.. and he would text constantly, every minute of the day. If he wasn’t texting her..he was talking about her! Yet, he could not admit that he had fallen for her. It got to a point where he had another female, whom his friends would classify to be a 9 out of 10 in his bed, ready to fulfill his desires yet he was too busy texting this other girl. He still claims he isn’t in love. The term ‘boys are stupid..throw rocks at them’ comes to mind!

If they only knew that by closing your doors to the fear of getting hurt by love, you also close your doors to the feeling of joy and love, that this emotion brings.

If only all people were monogamous, like penguins, who mate once in a lifetime and live happily ever after. Our lives would become much better.

By Meha Patel


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