[Fresh Digital Review] Windows, Google, Blow Job and Other News

digital review for UC

Today UC is proudly presenting you our new technology reporter Lev Perlman, who will be providing us with a fresh update on the latest news.

Special web-series would be coming out on a regular basis to make UC readers commercially aware of what is going on in the digital world.

The first issue is covering:

  • Windows 6.5 Market Place Closure
  • Google Purchases Motorola
  • Fruit Ninja Game Releases the Update
  • Tadas Cerniauskas releases a special “blow job” photo session


Motorola devices that will get ICS update:
XDA: Custom roms for all android phones and devices:


Blow jobs photo session by Tadas Cerniauskas ; http://www.tadaocern.com/gallery_blowjob.html
Lev Perlman´s YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/levperlman Add Lev on Facebook: facebook.com/justlev2Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/justlev2
Google+: https://plus.google.com/108662364588987207205/posts?hl=iw
Lev blog: http://mmovie.tumblr.com————–
Music in this video made by http://youtube.com/8o8insquares

Video and images Copyright © 2012 Lev Perlman. All rights reserved.

Made especially for: https://unordinarycustomer.wordpress.com

One Response to “[Fresh Digital Review] Windows, Google, Blow Job and Other News”
  1. vilks12 says:

    He is marvelous !!! 🙂

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