Verona: Marketing from Shakespeare

When Shakespeare wrote his famous play, he could hardly predict that the tragedy of two unhappy lovers would turn into a brilliant marketing campaign and eternal source of income for this small but very beautiful city. Would he be ashamed to see what is happening in a modern Verona?

Truly, this town has a lot to offer. There is a small half-nude sculpture of Juliet, which very generously invites the tourists to touch its breasts, polished and shining glamorously from the millions pairs of hands that already took courage to perform it.

There are walls, painted with markers of all colours. Firstly you would think that this is just a poor graffiti, but if you take a closer look, you might notice that these are the names of couples from all around the world, who came there to project their pure feelings. Most probably, there are hardly older than the unlucky protagonists of Shakespeare’s play. Due to the lack of space, the names are put down one above another, and you could barely recognise what was written. However, some “athletes” manage to leap a couple of meters above the ground and imprint their names on a white pristine surface of the wall. This definitely deserves appraisal. I wish they could also leave their number, for me to contact them and ask how EXACTLY they managed to do it. Did they bring a ladder or something?

There are telephones, which essence is still not entirely clear to me, so if anybody has a clue, could you please enlighten me. Could it be the trust line?

If due to some sad misconception you don’t have a marker in your travel bag, there is a better and possibly more efficient way how to lock in your love in Verona. Put a stylish locker on one of the gates, and hopefully it might remain there long enough for you not to break up…

Not everything in Verona is referred to Romeo and Juliet, though. Arena di Verona is full of Memes with its gorgeous costumes. There are a massive Sterilgarda advertising poster hanging from the remaining of the Roman ruins and covering most of the ancient stones. There are beautiful buildings, paved streets, and narrow passages which you will definitely enjoy.

If you know any European well enough, there is no point in taking a historical tour. Just go to the middle of Arena di Verona, and you will immediately stumble upon a group of foreign tourists, who are patiently listening to their guide. Just pretend you are one of them, and soon enough you will discover that the biggest part of guide’s speech consists of interjections and directions on how to meet the lost ones.

My favourite spot in Verona is the top of the hill, near Castel San Pietro, which offers a fantastic panorama on the whole city. It’s equally beautiful at night and during the day light, and there is nothing more enjoyable than to sit there for an hour or two with a glass of wine and tell pleasantries to your sweetheart. Did Shakespeare know about that?


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  1. vilks12 says:

    Like your posts, as usual ! Very good ! and pictures as always.

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