Green Eyed Monster

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Why Jealousy Turns Women into Monsters?

Samantha Brick has stirred up quite a whirl wind with her article ‘Why women hate me for being beautiful’.

Is it true? Are our fellow women threatened by the prettier version of themselves?

American Psychological Association psychology professors did a study in 2010 which showed the literal meaning to ‘jealousy is blinding’. Women who were jealous were unable to spot visual targets on a computer screens. [source] Looks like the green eyed monster, really is the perfect name.

People tend to think that being good looking opens a lot of doors, but whilst that is the case, being a pretty woman is not always a good thing.

Rather than letting your own insecurities take away the best of you, why not pay a simple compliment and move on. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and having an ugly personality shines straight through that pretty face, making it a museum of monsters.

Do men get jealous? By all means! At least, I believe so, and it could be for a similar reason – vanity. Who has the bigger muscles, who is taller, who ‘gets laid’ all the time. The difference within male and female jealousy is that men generaally take their insecurities and move on, whereas for a girl, a mean, evil twin sister steps out from within the deep bubble of green to ruin perfectly good moments with jealousy filled rubbish.

girl sitting painting pencilIf because of jealousy you are unable to enjoy the beauties of life, be it sunset, or the blue blue sky, or a beautiful person – you are missing out. Jealousy builds a path that goes straight to bitter lane, and nobody wants to end up being there because the door you end on is called “miserable”.

Women are most fragile when a pretty lady, whether that be their friend, employee or a stranger has attracted attention of their partner. If your man did NOT look at a beautiful girl, then you should have something to worry about. We all know that beautiful head turner turned your head too, so it is only natural that she turned your partner’s head. Try to look at it differently. He is looking at her just because he has a wonderful taste. That’s why he has chosen you on the first place.

Some women get jealous when they have a prettier friend, or their partner pays the stunning waitress extra two seconds of his time, but girls tend to forget that there is somebody out there…that looks at you and feels the same way. There are many reasons as to why a woman can be jealous but it mostly boils down to.. who gets more attention.

More vulnerable to jealousy are women who had insecure past, and battled through many obstacles in their lives. They constantly need to combat these fears of unimportance. It is a daily fight within themselves.. and the sad part is, if it was not for the flaw of their green eyes blazing bright, they would be stunning individuals inside and out.

Rather than envy another for her gorgeous hair, or plump lips why not take a look in the mirror and compliment yourself for the features that make you beautiful and individual?

Never forget though, being beautiful does not mean having the right hair, and the right features. It also involves having a kind heart because that shines a lot longer than shiny hair. The shine of your outer beauty will eventually fade, but inner beauty shines through for life.

Every time you feel the glimmer of this emotion showing you its vile side, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are as beautiful as the girl next door, as smart as the one who has just left. Believe in yourself.  As Constantine said in ‘The Help’  “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

In childhood all of us used to hate the step mother in Snowwhite. Don’t let yourself step into that role.

Mirror mirror on the wall..who is the fairest of them all?

Written by Meha Patel

Text and images Copyright © 2012 Unordinary Customer. All rights reserved.

3 Responses to “Green Eyed Monster”
  1. I definetly feel jealous if its to do with my partner, but I’m not nasty about it – if I had an issue about it I’d take it out on my partner not on the girl. God post, alot of things to think about!

  2. H.U says:

    Very, very true! Great ways of looking at how to deal with the situation!

  3. Rolf Wallen says:

    for me, green eyes is the most beautiful.`

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