Relieve Your Soul on Secret Sunday

Like most, I adore my weekends. I love sleeping in until late and waking up naturally. I love rush hour free tubes and exploring the City. But most of all, I love Sunday Secrets.

Sunday Secrets come courtesy of PostSecret, a community mail art project where people from all over the world share their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. They’re then mailed to Frank, the founder, who in turn updates the website with a selection from the latest batch of secrets each Sunday. Frank tours the US speaking at universities discussing the impact, on each of us and society, secrets can have and invites people to share a secret of their own with the audience. Some brave souls find the courage to do so. Since its 2005 beginnings, PostSecret has become a place of comfort for many and a community of acceptance for others. And for those like me, it’s a place to get a glimpse into the lives of others on a Sunday morning.

letterPeople are brutally honest when they’re anonymous. Some secrets are heartbreakingly real and some are filled with hatred and revenge. A number refer to crimes committed, drugs taken, inappropriate thoughts and a whole lot are about sex. Although I have never sent Frank a secret and probably never will, doing so has got to be hugely liberating and, depending on the severity of it, like the weight of the world off your shoulders. Possibly a bit like going to Confession but without the Hail Marys and Glory Be as you leave.

By the time Monday comes around I have most of the secrets forgotten. One secret however has stayed with me since I first saw it over a year ago and this is it…

I’m not a big Harry Potter fan, I’ve read a few of the books but I can’t get this secret out of my head. What a way to fill these seven men with dread, regret and fear. Who is the baby daddy and is the sender telling the truth? Have the seven actors seen it and thought “Uh oh…”?

So maybe letting go of the secret, that deeply hidden information that’s holding you back and eating away at your insides, will set you free and enable you to be yourself again. Maybe you’ll discover he feels the same about you as you do him. Maybe your life will be changed by a stranger, maybe you’ll discover there’s a lot of good in the world and maybe you’ll get the answers you’ve been searching for.

There are a lot of “maybes” but only one “definitely”. Definitely make PostSecret Sunday part of your weekend routine. The secrets you will read will beg you to ponder a million questions and the same amount of possible answers. You’ll discover things about yourself that never dawned on you and you’ll wish that you had the guts to be so honest and brave.

Written by Sarah Connolly

Text and images Copyright © 2012 Unordinary Customer. All rights reserved.

One Response to “Relieve Your Soul on Secret Sunday”
  1. vilks12 says:

    It was very interesting to know, that such a thing do exist at all.
    Syrsynat said, that for soul it’s a very hard thing to keep a secret and
    she always driven to share with it with someone…..

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