Aroma Massage at the Ginger Group

Those of you who are searching for a good massage in the City would be curious to try the Ginger Group salon, located in Covent Garden. It is very convenient to get there, especially if you are working near by. Just cross the corner of the loud streets and you will find yourself in a surprisingly peaceful venue, surrounded by small cafés and restaurants.

The main focus of the company is obviously hairdressing and waxing. However, massages and facials with Darphin cosmetics is definitely a pleasant addition.

massage salon in Covent Garden

I took my time to get to the venue, and arrived 20 minutes earlier. To avoid waiting in a crowded salon, I’ve decided to drink a cup of hot chocolate in the café next door. However, my guess about crowds has failed. There were no people when I entered, and a very pleasant good-looking girl has greeted me with a smile, and escorted me downstairs to a massage cabinet.

massage salon in Covent Garden

massage salon in Covent Garden

The room was quite small, but clean and cosy. Probably, to hide any possible imperfections, my practitioner turned off the light once we started. It was very dark, and the only source of light was several candles. I was wondering if she can see me well, but I trusted her confidence. Classic music was playing on the background, and in one of the melodies I’ve recognised famous Home Alone OST, which almost made me giggle.

massage salon in Covent Garden

She started with the facial, applying different scrubs masks and creams, which all in all took around 30 minutes. The sequence of her actions was a little bit unusual. She began by massaging the hands and legs from both parts, and finished with the back. I would say that the biggest emphasis was put on the legs, which was of course very enjoyable, but I would rather prefer her to be old-fashioned and spend more time on my back and shoulders. The quality of the massage was very good for general relaxation, but if your muscles are really tense and you are looking for something like deep-tissue, it will not be very helpful.

The massage was advertised as aroma, but I hardly noticed any smells. The amount of oil used for the treatment was minimal, and immediately soaked into my skin. On the one hand it was even good, because it didn’t stain my hair, as happens after most of the massages. On the other, I was a little disappointed, because I was looking forward to drawn into a wonderful sensation of flowery fragrances.

Also, one of the drawbacks to my mind was that the sofa didn’t have the usual hole for the face, so when I was laying on the stomach, my neck was unnaturally twisted, which obviously made it difficult for the practitioner to reach certain parts of the shoulders.

However, all in all, it was a pleasant experience, and I would recommend to give it a try.

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