The Coolest Bar in London

Below Zero Bar, London, Mayfair

If chilly weather is not enough for you this Spring, and you want something totally cool and exceptional, there is no need to fly all the way to Antarctica. There is one spot in Mayfair in the very heart of London, where the temperature stays below zero all year long. Since the moment of its creation Ice Bar became one of the most popular attractions both for locals and tourists.

Unfortunately, unlike the temperature, prices at Ice Bar are definitely above zero. Here you will not find well familiar two-for-one deals and Groupon promotions. However, if you book the ticket via internet, it will cost you slightly cheaper than a walking by entrance. Yes, you got it right – you will have to pay for the entrance, not for a drink, as everything that is happening inside from flashing lights to cold furniture is a big performance, and you are going there not to get drunk, but e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e…

Below Zero Bar, London, Mayfair

The whole space of the bar is surprisingly small, and if to put aside all its glamour, reminds of a giant fridge with people’s flash inside. However, this is just my despicable imagination. You would probably gaze endlessly at its ice sculptures, shining brightly in the changing lights…

designer thermal robeAt the entrance you are given a silver robe, which they call a “designer thermal cape”, which sounds as if it was borrowed from Eskimos’ couture collection.  I have to confess, it actually looks quite decent. In a very nice marketing move they make customers look nice. Afterwards the same customers put lots of pictures on their social networks to prove this “invisible someone” that they do have life, and this way brilliantly contribute to business promotion.

Yes, these robes are decent indeed. Don’t expect to have a decent drink, though. While the quality of local spirits is rather mediocre, the size of the drink will hardly impress you. Glasses, as all the rest of the “utilities”, are made from real ice, which apparently makes the biggest part of the drink, and melts in your mouth when you sip..

Ice glass

The temperature is claimed to be around -5 C, which none of the common mortals is able to resist, sitting on an ice chairs and drinking from an ice glass. That’s why time there is generously limited to 45 minutes. I honestly wonder how the bartenders manage to work there full shifts. It usually takes you no longer than 20 minutes to finish your drink, make a lot of pictures in all the corners, trying to press with your freezing finger the correct button, and make your escape to the streets of Mayfair.

Don’t go too far, and warm yourself up with a cup of tea.

Have a great time and stay cool! (;


Text and images Copyright © 2012 Unordinary Customer. All rights reserved.

3 Responses to “The Coolest Bar in London”
  1. Very interesting… When I’ll be in London i’m sure i’m gonna visit this awesome place!

  2. Surely! Let’s go together! 😉

  3. vilks12 says:


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