The Islands of Colours – Murano and Burano

Бурано, Венеция

My trip to Italy was not limited to a single romantic route in Venice. Similarly to many other slash adventurers, I’ve decided to explore more of what this wonderful land has to offer, and of course, islands Murano and Burano where a must in my list.

Both islands are quite similar. They are small, extremely colourful, especially in the rays of the Spring sun, and generally inhabited by retired people, which does not make it less fun. There are less tourists than on the “main land”, as few people decide to lift their asses and bring it to the distant shores. From all the angles, it seems beneficial to me. To many of the modern tourists I would gladly advice not to go out of their hotel room at all… Sadly, they would hardly obey.

кот через решетку

Life on the islands seem slow and quiet. No rush. No car noises. No stress! Home cats are graciously and lazily passing the pavements. Paradise!

While Murano is highly famous for its glass art, the second is distinguished by its skilled lace products. Even if you do not possess any primary knowledge about the selection of goods on the islands, it is difficult to miss, as the vendors prepare quite an obvious presentation.

In Murano you stumble across glass shops and figures on every corner. Even in the middle of the streets you can find massive glass sculptures, beautifully covered with dust and birds excrements. While the glass art works, exhibited in the shops are quite impressive, you will hardly be able to afford anything bigger than 5cm, as the prices there are boosted to its apogee. I wouldn’t blame the vendors so much, taking in account that this is their only way to survive. Unfortunately, similarly to the masks sellers in Venice, Murano shops prohibit photography, and I didn’t manage to sneak a peak from the inside. Plagiarism is probably very common there. A strong influence of Murano glass art could be felt in Chihuly’s works, so if you were looking for a cultural reference and want to explore more, you have found it.

Стекло Мурано

Стекло Мурано

Стекло Мурано

Стекло Мурано

Burano is less paranoiac about people stealing their ideas, and more open in terms of prices. A lace butterfly in Burano, for example, would cost you around 6 Euro. Although I was told that Italians are ready and even willing to negotiate, I’ve never tried it myself due to my excessive indifference to bringing home useless staff. However, I must confess that infant clothes items from white lace is probably the cutest thing on earth. So, if you have any newborns in your surroundings, that could be a perfect gift to bring home. Either due to being more far away from the main land, or because it it seems smaller and more authentic, but Burano provided  on me a more pleasant impression than it’s neighbour.

кружева Бурано

кружева Бурано

кружева Бурано

All in all, if to abandon my inborn scepticism, time on the islands was really enjoyable, and I have just a couple of more tips to share:

– if Venice is more beautiful by night, Murano and Burano should be observed in the day light. Only then you will be able to appreciate the full beauty of the colourful little houses and the eternity of the blue blue sky.

– as concerns the time management, trip to both islands will not take you more than one day. Take the vaporetto from Venice, and you will be in Murano in about 20 minutes.

– food on the islands is hardly any different from the general Italian cuisine both in Venice and anywhere else, so do not hope to find anything special.

I wish you a wonderful time wherever you are!


Text and images Copyright © 2012 Unordinary Customer. All rights reserved.


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