When Men Give Excuses in… Bed [+18]

Candle light

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We already covered how to get your women back into bed, but what about how to get your man back into the swing of things.

There is a label that has been stuck to men for many years: they all want and think about sex everyday 24/7, but that is not always the case. I am sure many females will support me, when I say some men have just as many excuses for why they cannot participate in this ‘activity’ today. ‘I am tired from work’, ‘oh we just ate, I’m full’, and the classic ‘I have to be up early tomorrow’- as if sex takes up ten hours of your sleeping time!

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So ladies, what shall we do?

We show our men the young, wild, exciting side of us.

1- Dress up!

Get the naughty outfits that you put in the back of your closet back out again. If you aren’t the fortunate owner of a sexy little number that you feel comfortable in, then get yourself out to the shops and buy something that makes you feel feminine and wild.

2- Transform!

Every man, regardless of age, loves a change. So if you are normally a quiet and tender lover, switch your style and show him your inner freak. On the contarry, if you are mostly being loud, pipe down and show him your caring and tender nature. When you have been in a long term relationship, things can tend to be a bit of a routine and get boring. So change up your style and watch it making miracles.

3- Take care!

It does not matter how long you have been with your partner, grooming is the key! Remember those soft silky legs? GET THEM BACK!

So that is, grooming, changing your style and outfits ready? What else do we need? The classics: candles, dimly lit room, a nice aroma oil, rose petals scattered around, sensual music, and the last, but not the least – confidence. Dress up in your sexy lingerie, put on high heels and tell yourself ‘I am sexy!

Written By Meha Patel

One Response to “When Men Give Excuses in… Bed [+18]”
  1. Sunil says:

    Totally agree with the emphasis on grooming..

    Another of the biggest turn offs is when someone is trying too hard to please you; what goes on in the bedroom shouldn’t be a chore.. It should be a mutually pleasurable experience.

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