Window Shopper in Italy – 7 Best Window Decorations in Venice

Louis Vuitton Calle Larga de l'Ascension, 30124 Venezia, Italy

Italy is the motherlands of the most famous couturiers in the world. No wonder the quality of the shops and arrangement of shop windows should be much more impressive than anywhere else. “Spring obsessions are not limited to one particular city“, I thought  and headed straight to the romantic paradise of Europe – Venice. Among the narrow paved streets next to Piazza San Marco, one can notice not only colourful masks and souvenirs, but a large variety of fashion boutiques welcoming rich tourists with its enormously beautiful windows. Check out the most impressive collection right here.

Miu Miu choses bright colours this season and tries to make his ladies to look as much romantic and elegant as possible. A mysterious woman in red and black on the poster grabs your attention and draws parallels with Alfred Hitchcock movies.  Shoes in a white and red pattern look rather brassily and unorthodox. Would you dare to wear it?

Simplicity and pure elegance is displayed by Bottega Veneta, who dresses his main “lady” in green silky smooth dress.  Little is used for the shop window decoration. However, despite being very simple, it is still very pleasant to look at.

In contrast to its rivals Versace has chosen a very classic black and white pattern for both men and women. As always, its style recalls gorgeous Baroque, with its rich gold elements screaming of wealth and prosperity.

Prada has taken the liberty of transforming their shoes into retro automobiles. Their shop window presents a massive part of the pink trunk. That’s probably where you put all your shopping bags after all…

If Versace contains elements of Baroque, then René Caovilla is definitely the contemporary representative of Rococo style. The shop itself is very pleasant to look at, and the shoes are as always real masterpieces, made for Princesses and Queens. Ladies, imagine yourself a Cinderella for once in a while and try it.  I am sure they have all the sizes we need. The only problem is possibly the price: 930 Euro for a pair. That’s when you need to make a call to your “fairies”.

The biggest splash of colours could be observed in Louis Vuitton stores, which literally hit the target. A large number of colourful arrows are stuck around the only bag. Probably, there is no better way how to attract attention.

Chanel, in its turn, took a very creative approach and put in its window a second mannequin to.. make a mirror effect. The whole idea looks smashing from all the angles.

And now… enough of reading. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

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  1. Ranori says:

    Розово-оранжевые туфли хочу.

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