5 Easy Tips to Healthy Diet


The common misconception is that being on diet is unpleasant and involves a lot of difficulties.  In our minds the word “diet” will always be connected with losing weight. However, it is totally wrong. A diet is just a normal process of keeping track of your daily food consumption and introducing more healthier options into your ration. And, even if you seriously plan to lose a massive amount of weight the first thing you should do is NOT stop eating, but replace unhealthy products with its healthy counterparts. Let me cheer you up! The best part in this change is that it is much more enjoyable and no less delicious than what you are used to. So, let’s open the fridge and see what we’ve got…

свежевыжатый сок1. Fresh vs. Concentrate

The first habit one needs to develop is replacing the conservantes with fresh products. Going to a restaurant, order a freshly squeezed juice instead of a fat milkshake. It is no less tasty, much healthier and contains a lot of vitamins, and less sugars. It is needless to explain that fresh juices have multiple benefits over the concentrated ones. Don’t be delusioned. The reason why the last ones cost cheaper is because they are literally made from chemicals, and against the common believe have NO healthy ingredients.

2. Wholegrain vs. White

кусок хлебаIf you can’t imagine your diet without crunchy toasts in the morning or a good sandwich for lunch, don’t get down. Many people think that bread makes you fat, while it’s not entirely true. Bread is not bad for your health, and it actually contains a lot of healthy elements, essential for your organism. Replace white bread with wholegrain, and you’ll make a fantastic difference in the nutrition. While white bread gives you mostly carbohydrates, wholegrain is a perfect source of fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

мед3. Honey vs. Sugar

There is one thing is very difficult to skip on your next grocery shopping both for men and women. Sugar. We can’t help loving it in all its appearances, either raw or in the form of sticky chocolate Nutella, that tastes so well for breakfast. Why don’t you try eating honey instead? What for? Well, sugar contains… just sugar, and honey contains natural antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, chromium,manganese, selenium and much more. The benefits of honey are so enormous that is difficult to enlist in one paragraph, but is definitely much healthier than a spoon of sugar. Drink it with your tea, put in your toast, mix it with the porridge, and notice the difference.

десерт из фруктов и йогурта4. Yogurt vs. Whipped Cream

When preparing your next dessert don’t rush to put whipped cream on it. Yoghurt can be no less delicious, and unlike the first, it offers a great alternative of varieties: strawberry, cherry, vanilla, mango, and.. shall I continue? How dull is the white whipped cream in comparison to this. Does it give you the same amount of good bacteria, vitamins and minerals? No! So, what are you waiting for? (;

5. Steamed/Smoked and Baked vs. Fried

копченый лососьIt’s time to put your pan back to where it was laying. Possibly, you will not need it any more. If you want to reduce the amount of fat you are eating, there is no better option than to stop frying and to start steaming. Get the same products you are normally eating, and try to cook it without the pan. Did you know that there exists a massive amount of delicious recipes: smoked salmon, baked potatoes, steamed chicken, and much more. All these are very tasty, and contain few fats.

Once you get on a track of a healthy nutrition it’s very difficult to go back. No, it’s not addictive, it’s just much more enjoyable than eating rubbish.

If you have more tips in mind, feel free to share it. Bon appetit! (;


(c) Images: all rights reserved for Unordinary Customer.

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