When the Relationship Starts and TLC is Over

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Why do some men constantly need to be told what to do, starting from the small things, such as “buy me roses”, to the more important ones, e.g. “do not forget my birthday”, etc. Is this just me who thinks it is natural for men to do so? Isn’t that supposed to be common sense?!

Seriously, when a man is trying to get into your pants and into your life, most likely the first one, he is full of romantic little surprises, roses, letters, weekend getaways – it is all there. He pulls out all the strings when he’s wooing you, but once this chase becomes a relationship, suddenly all the romance is sucked away from him. It feels like an absolute alien has replaced the man, who seemed so sweet not so long ago. While a woman still needs his precious attention, a man becomes a total stranger to the world of romance. He is living on another planet where it does not exist. Should it be Mars, perhaps?

He truly believes that all his contribution to the romance can be strictly limited to sweet smiles and glances at your direction. The funny thing is that, when you fail to realize that this was actually meant to be “romance” that he is bestowing upon you, he gets in a huff and puff and storms off, complaining that you are an ungrateful girlfriend and how other girls would love to be in the position you are in now.

You sit there baffled as to how this situation turned up. Until this very moment you were the victim who was not receiving any TLC, and now all of a sudden you are an ungrateful cow that is not good enough for him!

angry womanAs you are watching him retreating back, you feel the arousal of the familiar feeling. You want to get up and smack his little smug face into the doorway that he is currently walking through, but you control this crazy mental behaviour and retort with a tongue snapping remark that you are SO proud of him being your boyfriend. What happens next? This leads to nothing but another argument, which is by all means your fault. It is never his fault, is it? Of course Mr. Perfect wouldn’t make the mistake of starting a fight now, would he?

How do we stop this?

1.      Have patience

If you love him and his only flaw is that he does not know how to be romantic, teach him. Encourage his little smiles, which he believes are the most romantic gestures in the world. Slowly he will learn to take bigger steps.

2.      Take control

sexy woman

When he turns to walk off in a huff and a puff, control your spiteful tongue. Let him fall into a comfortable delusion that he is the victim.  Later when you go into that bedroom to apologize for all your “sins”, make it up for him in the heavenly way only you know how. He will certainly feel grateful, and who knows tomorrow morning his romantic gesture may expand to putting the toilet seat down.

3.      Explain

We expect our men to make us better, but we do not want to return the same favour. Come on now, where is the logic in that? If this boy makes you smile, honestly cares about you, does try his very best to be romantic (although he fails miserably) you have to give him some credit. Take time to explain what you want from him.

4.      Feel the difference

Women often complain about inventive womanizers who know how to treat you, but at the same time hardly ever stay loyal. When you finally come across a boyfriend who seems pure and innocent, don’t reject him. There are always flaws in the relationship. Don’t let them grow. Work for it!

Good luck!

Written by Meha Patel

13 Responses to “When the Relationship Starts and TLC is Over”
  1. wobsy says:

    Good post – thanks for sharing.

  2. swati says:

    gooood job!!!! 🙂 love it! x

  3. A. says:

    This reminded me of a lovely song:

  4. intomind says:

    really nice post! Marge looks hot 🙂

  5. reema says:

    beautiful just sums us all up!!!

  6. Reena says:

    Positive advice. Great approach…

  7. sally says:

    Any girl who has been in a relationship can relate to the dreaded ‘lost spark’ in a relationship. I thought this was very entertaining to read and made some very interesting points. The colourful illustrations were also very humorous.

  8. binisha says:

    Wow that was really interesting and makes you look at it all in a whole new perspective! Thanks!!

  9. narinder says:

    a lot of women will defo relate to this…brilliant article!

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