Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Introduction.

I am very passionate about dancing. All in all, I’ve been dancing 9 years, 2 of which I’ve been working as a dance teacher myself. Most of the time I was doing Contemporary with a mixture of hip-hop and other modern styles, but quite recently I’ve also subscribed for salsa lessons, here in London. The last were so good that I never had a temptation to write a review on it, which is quite a sad misconception if to think that we pay attention to only those things which annoy us and forget about those that bring us pleasure. I will need to make up for it at some point, definitely. But, today is another story.

All my life I wanted to learn tango. It seemed to be a very beautiful and emotional dance, and I thought it was a shame for an experienced dancer not to know it. Luckily, such an opportunity appeared very quickly with the help of the beloved Groupon deals.

Ten Beginner Argentine Tango Lessons for £35 with Rojo y Negro (£80 Value)

I contacted this wonderful place via email (as indicated) straight after I received my voucher, approximately on the 16th of May 2011. To pass the reader a better understanding of what was going on firstly I undertook a desperate attempt to quote our correspondence. But, in the end I had to abandon this thought, because it would be enough for a good novel. Therefore, I will just briefly explain what it was about.

On the 1st of June I finally received a reply, saying that the courses begin in the end of July/beginning of August. That was quite a long time to wait. In addition, in order to be booked in it was absolutely necessary for me to provide the exact dates (10) when I’ll be attending the classes. The most and foremost condition was to attend the classes consecutively. Since I work shifts, it is quite challenging for me to be present at every lesson. Besides, I don’t even know a person who would be able to plan his time so much in advance and not to miss a single class.

After trying to negotiate and explain that I will not be physically able to attend every class, I received the following answer: “if you work shifts, this will not work very well for you as you will be booked on the same evening each week.”

I wanted to reply that it works perfectly fine for me with other dancing that I am currently doing, but I decided to be polite and see what comes out of it.

Apparently, booking me in was a very complicated task, which resulted in a massive amount of emails. Frequently my emails were simply ignored, and I had to write two or three times to remind them to answer me. Then it appeared that the start date is only in late August/September, not in July as was previously mentioned.

I realized that if she doesn’t book me in immediately, I am not going to learn tango this year. I didn’t know my schedule for neither August nor September, but I asked her to kindly book me in for 10 consecutive weeks or return me my money.  She did. I bought the voucher on the 15th of May and my tango classes started on the 15th of September..

To be continued..

Bianca London Tango Club

2 Responses to “Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Introduction.”
  1. I think that i will begin Tango the next week 😀

  2. That’s great! Where about? Please, take a look at my next post and tell if your lessons were the same.


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