Ayurvedic Experience at Dr. Wakde’s Clinic

Dr Wakde's Health ClinicAfter trying traditional, deep tissue and aroma massages, I finally decided to go for something slightly different.  Just to add some new experience to my “small electronic notebook”.

For some reason, not clearly stated even to myself, I always had a particular liking in ayrvedic medicine, probably, because of its famous non-surgical approach. I am not sure that there exists a surgical approach to massages, but the general concept is very pleasing. Massage was advertised as a part of the treatment, provided by the Dr. Wakde’s Natural Health Clinic, and sounded harmlessly enough for me to try it.

Luckily, in spite of the fact that I got a massage with a discount, provided by Groupon, it did not took them too long to book me in for a session. However, I found it quite difficult to talk with their representative on the phone, which doesn’t happen with me very often. He seemed not to listen to what I was trying to say at all. It took him bloody long time to put down my name and the number of the Groupon voucher, which was already rather annoying. He kept assuring me that my security number is invalid, and in the end it appeared that he just couldn’t enter it properly. Besides, I had a misfortunate need to call again and postpone my booking, and, as a result, face another challenge. This should sound harsh after my previous post about being respectful to the customer service representatives, but, believe me, I was more than polite. Here is a brief example of our telephone conversation:

Me: I know you already booked me in for 18:30 on Friday, but my schedule has slightly changed, and I have some serious business in the evening. Would it be possible to change the time, and make it at least half an hour earlier?

Him: Wait a minute! (searching through the papers). I’m afraid we already have some booking primary to yours, but you can come one hour later. . *facepalm*

Me: I cannot do it later, because, as I said, I’ve got some business after. Would it be possible to postpone it to the next available day, then?

Him: Yes.. When do you want to come?

Me: Well, what is the next available day apart from Friday?

Him: So, you can come only on Friday?

Somehow we still managed to find a consensus..

Dr. Wakde’s clinic was located relatively close to the tube station, and was looking quite professionally from the outside. The interior was also good, although the massive prevalence of the white colour made me feel as if I was in the hospital. It only lacked children’s’ pictures hanging on the walls, and various guidance a-la “How to use the toothbrush”. Instead there were spiritual quotations put in frames.

Dr. Wakde's Natural Health Clinic

Dr. Wakde's Natural Health Clinic

Dr. Wakde's Natural Health Clinic

This was the only place where I wasn’t offered any drinks. Usually, I don’t ask for coffee or tea, trying to take their valuable time, but rather prefer to have a simple glass of water.  In the reception room where I was left to wait there was a jar of juice, but that was it.

Dr. Wakde's Natural Health Clinic

Besides, I had a terrible feeling that they were trying to get rid of me as fast as possible. They hardly gave me any time to undress before the massage and put my clothes back on after. That is the reason why I didn’t manage to take any pictures inside of the massage room. I might have thought that they could foresee it, but, no, the reason was different. Other customers on the conveyor line were already waiting for their turn.

The massage itself was very gentle and delicate, in comparison to what I had experienced in B Beauty Clinic. I cannot say that I would prefer it to be that way, though. Surprisingly, I have discovered that I enjoy a so-called “forceful way”. Another difference with the traditional massage, that was implemented in the clinic, was the usage of a special engine, producing steam straight on my back.  I didn’t quite understand the essence of it, but the practitioner explained that it was to make the muscles relax. To me it seemed like an abundant toy that was designed to make people think they are very silly special.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience with some minor drawbacks that were spoiling the impression.

Here is a brief summary, although in some cases in this list pluses might be easily swapped with the minuses.

+ fast booking

+ pleasant practitioner

+ very gentle and delicate massage

+ steam and oil

– difficult to talk on the phone

– no drinks offered

– lack of the individual approach

Tips for those who would still like to visit Dr. Wakde’s after all my obnoxious remarks:

Tip 1: Do not wash your hair before the treatment. I did it. As a result, my hair was fully stained with massage oil that was running from my neck and shoulders straight to the centre of my head.

Tip 2: Do not expect to receive a full body massage. This is a back massage only.

Tip 3: If you have any allergies, you should inform the practitioner prior to the massage, as they use a lot of herbs and oils during the treatment.


2 Responses to “Ayurvedic Experience at Dr. Wakde’s Clinic”
  1. esik says:

    Spasibo,objazateljno ne pojdu 😀

  2. Ina says:

    After reading your self-asserting account of your experience, I’m afraid to say, I don’t blame the staff of the clinic for trying to bring your appointment to a premature ending.
    Maybe you should’ve asked for a thorough Ayurvedic examination followed by dosha balancing treatment.

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