Indian Summer in Brighton

How do you normally spend Indian Summer, the last leftover of the warm and sunny days? Forget carpet cleaning, boring TV programmes, and piles of documents – go to Brighton! Being located relatively close to the city, it is perfect in its charm, and ideally suits for those who would like to give rest to their lungs from the dusty air of the underground.

Similar to many other popular touristic resorts, Brighton has a huge variety of different restaurants, constantly competing for the customers’ attention. However, if you like Indian cuisine, you would be surprised to find very few places that can actually offer you a simple curry.

This time my choice was very sentimental. I picked a restaurant called “Indian Summer”. I am sure that you would do the same, being hungry at 12:30, and facing closing doors of the alternative places.

I have to give credit to the atmosphere and the interior. Although, it had very few decorative elements that reminded of India, I would call it very comforting for the soul. New wooden furniture, clean tables (which is, again, a rarity these days), flowers, beautiful lamps from stained glass – all these created a very positive impression, and didn’t affect my appetite, meaning that I was still hungry after observing the surroundings.

As funny as it sounds, I particularly enjoyed the toilets.  I believe that a toilet is a very eloquent indicator of every restaurant’s quality. If the toilets are neat and tidy, it encourages you to think that so is the kitchen. There it had wonderfully made sinks, decorated with flowers, a silver wallpaper with painted trees opposite the mirror, and, which I liked the most, lots of tissues to wipe hands. I don’t know why, but for some reason you always lack those.

The food was also good, although hardly authentic. Most probably it was some kind of a Europian version of Indian cuisine. So, if you are a distinct connoisseur of this type of food, you’d be disappointed. The plates were beautifully served by an amiable and quite handsome waiter, who was at the same time a barman. I wonder if he was a cook too..

The prices did not bite. You could take two dishes (a starter and a main dish), plus a drink of your choice, and it would cost you as much as 10 pounds.

To sum up, I would characterise the place basing on the following:


+ open during the day, while all the other restaurants are closed

+ pleasant atmosphere

+ high level of sanity

+ amiable staff

+ tasty food

+ menu includes meat

+ affordable prices


– food is not authentic

Have you been there, and were your impressons similar to mine? Can you share your experience? Or, perhaps, recommend a better place? (-:


6 Responses to “Indian Summer in Brighton”
  1. Definitely looks interesting!! very clean and modern.

  2. vilks12 says:

    Very interesting blog ! I like it !! Will continue to read…..

  3. vilks12 says:

    Very interesting blog ! I like it !! Will continue to read…..

  4. Ranori says:

    Ням-ням) Хочу кушать

  5. vilks12 says:

    Like your post ! And agree with you very much about your thoughts concerning toilets !
    Photos are very good and informative ! Gooood !!

  6. esik says:

    Good stuff,too bad l live in Glasgow and cant visit this place soon enough 🙂

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