London Concours d’Elegance 2011

If you like expensive cars and posh lifestyle this a number one event for you to visit. For those who don’t know – Concours d’Elegance is a gathering of the most luxurious and fabulous automobiles in the world, as well as of the wealthy people who can afford buying it.

The cheapest ticket to the event would cost you no less than 75£, and the VIP ticket value made around 300£. This year Concours d’Elegance was organised by The Hurlingham Club and took place between 27 and 29 July 2011 in one of the most beautiful and gorgeous places in London – Ranelagh Gardens.

If you are as rich as hell you won’t probably feel the whole awesomeness of this place. But, if you are just a modest representative of the middle class, like me, you would most certainly be walking with your eyes wide open and your jaw dropped to the perfectly green grass. A glass of champagne goes free with a ticket, so you already feel yourself at home.

The cars are shining splendidly in the rays of the afternoon sun, and you’re afraid to touch them, because they cost more than your year’s salary. But, after you’ve seen all the vehicles, you would probably want to see the people.. This is a so-called unofficial exhibition of the party, the cream of the society, the feast of the capitalists. I must confess, I am not very familiar with today’s celebrities, so I wouldn’t recognise any. But, people say there is a high chance to meet one or two..

This reminded me of a famous jazz song “Summertime”: “Your daddy is rich and your mum is good looking.”

Generally, that’s how it looked like: a lot of wealthy men and their wives, or lovers with Birkin bags over the shoulder, smiling that type of an all-having and nothing-caring-about smile and pacing slowly by the garden paths..

A friend of mine, who is particularly keen on fashion, was rather frustrated about the bags, “What is the point in buying a Birkin bag, if everybody has it? It is not unique after all!

However, despite the inability to ride the cars, and all the frustration about the bags, the event still brought us a lot of positive emotions and many colourful pictures, some of which could be seen here. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “London Concours d’Elegance 2011”
  1. esik says:

    That blue car is gorgeous ,isnt it? 🙂

  2. I like the red Ferrari, for sure 🙂

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