Add to Your Armoury Tips for The Armoury

Keeping fit – is a task that every contemporary woman is concerned with. Some people are just born slim and lucky. But, the majority has to follow “special rituals”, strongly recommended by doctors and cruelly dictated by the media.

Fortunately enough, I’ve always enjoyed doing sports, so I rather willingly commit myself to various kinds of activities. So, here it was – good opportunity for an affordable price.

Ten Individual Day Passes Including Use of Facilities and Fitness Classes for £19 at The Armoury, Belsize Park (£135 Value)

Good point is that buying a voucher for 10 individual days passes I was allowed to use the gym and attend any of the classes I liked during the whole day. Apart from yoga, that was my first choice, I could also use the gym, or combine it with any other class.

Bad point is that a normal person usually gets tired after one hour of any physical exercises, in case it was performed correctly. And, unless you are a sport freak, or simply enjoy looking at red and sweating faces of random strangers, there is nothing for you to do after you finish your class.

So, my first acquaintance with the club has taken place, and here is my piece of advice for those who are only planning to go there:

1. Call to make a booking: Don’t waste your precious time on useless emails. If you decided what class you want to attend – just call. Following my latest experience with bookings at The Happiness Centre, I made a proof shot, sending them an email with my details and asking for an opportunity to come to their class. In a week’s time, after I gave up all my hopes to receive any kind of response, and the yoga class I was hoping to attend was already unreachable, I called and was successfully booked in.

2. Take some change: If you are not used to paying for your locker, be prepared to do so. Not only you are required to insert a 20 pence coin, which is not refundable, but you actually need to pay every time you want to close the locker. Another words, when you come to the changing room, you need to insert 20p. to leave your belongings. If you forgot something inside, or your phone is ringing, and you need to open it again, you will be asked to insert one more coin to close it.. I know, 20p. is not much, but it’s kind of irritating..

3. Take a towel: As in most of the fitness clubs, they do not provide you with a towel. However, you can rent one, paying 1 pound for the service, and leaving 5 pounds as a deposit.

4. Don’t go there to work on your ABS: They haven’t got that sort of equipment.

I had quite a positive feeling about yoga, though.  But here I would rather withheld my comments, since I’ve got nothing to compare it with.



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